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Entry #1


2009-12-20 23:12:55 by BazCreator

Mm, so i think it's time for me to start blogging and just getting my mind out there. This should be fun :D


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2010-01-01 06:04:45

It's good to speak your mind. Helps relieve alot of stress. But, I am curious as to another thing, erm, when are you going to finish these songs?


2011-04-29 17:35:28

Seeing as you've been inactive for over a year, this question may seem very, VERY obsolete:P...Are you ever coming back? Those samples sound like they belong on my a finished version. You probably don't even check your newgrounds acct anymore:P, but wouldn't you say that it's better to shout, hoping for a response than to be never know, anxious and unknowing?